Loving Spurgeon in Context

  CHRONOLOGICAL SNOBBERY Be killing chronological snobbery or chronological snobbery will be killing you. It is lazy and unloving to be dismissive of a person from the past without consideration of their context. Chronological snobbery is the belief that one's present...

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Susie’s Pain Reliever

  SUSIE'S LIFE WORK Amidst her trials, Susie discovered comfort, delight, and purpose in a ministry that became her "life work." Yet, there were times that she felt inadequate for her calling due to her severe health challenges. Some days she could lift neither head...

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How Susie Dealt With Doubts

Because the LORD loved you (Deuteronomy 7:8). Doubts and questions often cloud our joy by covering up the rays of clarity. Doubts may come from outside (the world and Satan) but more often they well up inside of us, especially those of us who are prone to timidity...

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